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“Homeland” sets kind of a reset button this year. The first three seasons told the story of American POW Nicholas Brody as he turned into a supporter of Middle Eastern extremists and attempted to carry out violent actions on the United States. During his story he fell in love with Carrie and tried to go back to right side of the story. His story ended when he was executed in Iran at the end of the last season. This signaled a change for the series as a whole. “Homeland” started as Carrie’s story and has effectively returned to that in this double sized season premiere.

In the first episode of the night, Carrie, now known as ‘The Drone Queen’ is shown in mission control directing a drone strike on a target. Not all has gone according to plan and Carrie is now in Kabul, Afghanistan. Unluckily for Carrie, the strike was on a family wedding. A family associated with a Taliban spokesperson except he wasn’t there. The video of the bombing with proof that it was just a wedding goes viral and things in the region escalate from there leading Carrie to come home.

In the second episode, the focus is on the fallout of the shocking ending to to part one. Carrie is reprimanded by Lockhart and thus will be stateside for the time being. This forces her to start spending time with Frannie, her baby with Brody. Most of this episode revolves around the personal lives and mental states of Carrie, Quinn and the young man in Afghanistan. She begins to hound a former field agent that was forced out similar to how she was. She starts to freak out, in a way that only Carrie can and ends up doing some typical things for her – stalking, lying and maneuvering.


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