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let’s talk about the good in the film. I will start by saying the movie is effective as a horror film so that is a good start for the month of October which is when horror films are supposed to dominate the movie theaters. It has enough scares and thrills to have your heart racing a few times in the movie. What really works in the movie is that fact that not only is a based off true events but the “Annabelle” doll they used for the film itself is pretty damn scary. I won’t go into detail but, if you seen the trailers you know that doll is just the creepiest thing since Slappy from Goosebumps. Another Pro about the film is the camera work & sound editing. It has these really great shots and eerie music to go with it to just set the tone this movie was aiming for. I would suggest going to a good movie theater when checking this film out. There is a scary segment about half way through the movie involving the mom & a storage basement. That wasn't in the trailer and that part made my hair stand a bit.


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