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Quick: name a movie that focuses on the sister-brother relationship. …Did many examples come to mind? While we have a bevy of films about romantic pairings, women being friends (Bridesmaids, Spring Breakers), and men being friends (The Hangover, That Awkward Moment), it’s rare to see a sister and brother be the focus of a story. The Skeleton Twins focuses on Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader’s characters, Maggie and Milo: very depressed twins who have not spoken to each other in ten years.

The movie opens with Milo’s suicide attempt. He’s living alone in LA with goldfish as his only companions. It’s hinted that his relationship with a boyfriend recently ended. Meanwhile, across the country, Maggie stares at a handful of pills. She’s about to take the plunge when she gets the call that Milo is in the hospital. She flies out to see him, and at first, he doesn’t welcome her reappearance in his life. “Surprised that your brother is a tragic gay cliche?” he snarks. She offers apple fritters, commenting that she doesn’t know if he still likes them.


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