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The Flash is not the first live adaptation of this character however this is the best one. After just one episode The Flash has risen to must watch television for comic book readers and non readers a like. There have been a few people who have operated under the mantle of The Flash but no one arguably more popular than Barry Allen.

The Flash opens up by briefly showing Barry’s childhood and how his mother Nora died. Many comic fans, like myself, were more than likely enthralled by that scene. The first part of the pilots gives us enough backstory on him and his life before he gets powers. He works CSI for the police and is a total science geek. He’s good friends with Iris West and her dad who basically raised him. An accident occurs at Star Labs and thus the Flash is born. The police are on the hunt for Clyde Mardon who is wreaking havoc on the entire city with his own set of “special abilities” and that case is what takes up most of the episode.


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