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I previously wrote an article about video game movies and briefly mentioned Assassin's Creed, but now that's all i will focus on today. Why, you might ask? This is because, when looking at the scope and scale of the Assassin's Creed saga and the story of the game, it would be a good thing that Assassin's Creed be the first big and great video game film, showing that Hollywood is ready to tackle video game films doing so with a bold, massive and expansive epic.

When it comes to historical epics, one usually expects at least some factual details mixed in with the re-telling and changing of facts, epic battle scenes, grand settings and a certain attention-to-detail that's only seen in epics. Take, for example, Ridley Scott's epic Kingdom of Heaven (the Director's Cut). When looking at the film, it's filled with emotion, epic battle sequences, and beautiful visuals as well as wonderful storytelling, great acting and deep thought on themes and philosophical ideals. Assassin's Creed does most of this, but adds something even bigger to the mix; science fiction. It takes the 'What if...?' and utilizes it to its full capacity, creating a massive and expanding epic that covers centuries, going from past to present (the present actually being a possible future of ours). Showing different time periods, different characters and how everything in those times was influenced in some way shape or form, by the Assassins, is incredible. But where the past is marvelous is where the future is bleak and grim, and sadly not as gripping. It's here that a feature film adaptation can really improve on the game and its story; by giving the future character, Desmond Miles, more emotion and character depth.

With a big name like Michael Fassbender attached to the project, it's already looking good, but not great. Not yet. [Assassin's Creed](movie:437814) isn't just about one specific thing; there are multiple themes and plots that run through the veins of the saga's story-line, as well as specific elements influenced from each timeline. Honor, vengeance, sacrifice, freedom, and now doubt all have huge impacts on the franchise. So, if the film is to come to life, there already needs to be room for sequels, but enough to where the story has a definite ending and doesn't continue because "it does well" financially. Then, someone with a firm grasp in either genre (sci-fi or history) should be attached, as putting this story to the screen is delicate because of the scope and scale.

If Assassin's Creed is done right, it could be the next Lord of the Rings, The Last Samurai or even Gladiator. We just have to hope a skilled director or a new director with a powerful vision is attached, as well as a great writer or writers who can successfully combine historical fact, science fiction, intense action and thoughtful storytelling into a cohesive final product. Here's to hoping...


Do you think Assassin's Creed should be the first great video game film?


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