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This will be my second Flash "first look" post today, alongside our earlier look at Captain Cold's costume and awesome guns. Now, it seems we have something less official, less visible, but perhaps a lot more exciting.

EDIT: Since this article was written, we now have actual set photos of Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash. Still got stuff from next week and speculation here so still relevant.

Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin Snow (who will likely turn out to be Killer Frost someday) tweeted this photo earlier today. Alongside a thank you to the crepe truck --and seriously, that looks like a great crepe truck, article worthy in itself-- we see (but really, look at that strawberries and cream one) --okay, back on track-- we see a poster which might hold some exciting news, as seen above.

The tweeted photo.
The tweeted photo.

We see Flash and Professor Zoom racing each other, likely midfight, explosions raging around them. Now, I know the likely reaction to that: "But it's probably just random art of the Flash and Professor Zoom." And that was my first impression as well, but the thing is, that's not just [The Flash](movie:15273). That's certainly the CW's version of the Flash. Note the face, which looks very much like Grant Gustin, and the bursts of electricity around him are also characteristic of the running effect the show is establishing, which I quite like.

But the big giveaway is the logo. That logo so many people whined about because it was on red instead of white (even though, if you look at the little newspaper that featured and shocked so many at the end, it's clearly going to be white in the future, so those that dislike this initial costume, which is in fairness a fireman's prototype, stay tuned) is clearly on Flash's chest.

The newspaper, featuring bolt on white symbol.
The newspaper, featuring bolt on white symbol.

Of course, that newspaper clearly also holds some great Easter Eggs, including the acknowledgement that Queen Consolidated will at some point have a branch or become Queen Incorporated, and that Bruce Wayne does exist in this DC TV universe, with the first name drop of Wayne on TV that doesn't directly feature him appearing for the first time in years. It's a bit unfair to Smallville, who never got to mention him in ten seasons, and Flash gets it in his first one. (In fairness, I'm already choosing The Flash as my favorite over Smallville.)

What else is interesting? The date, if you missed that. It clearly confirms time travel, which has been established in a description, and the fact Harrison Wells is looking at it implies that he is clearly knowledgeable, likely from that future. Of course, our look at the art form of Professor Zoom gives us no indication of whether the faces belongs to Wells or Thawne, the police detective who shares his name with Reverse Flash --whom I prefer to call Professor Zoom-- in the comics. "Eddie" is likely short for "Eobard," as well. Or perhaps not. Speculate all you like, every theory I've had couldn't fit into this post.

Lastly, the mention of "red skies" is also a hint for anyone who knows their stories. Originally, before the DC massive crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, there was little indication of what was going on except inexplicable red skies across the multiple worlds of the comics. The fact they've vanished at the time of the newspaper hints this arc has occurred or is occurring. Couple that with the Flash being missing, and what becomes most concerning about that is that in the story Barry Allen dies. (To be resurrected later, but not for a long time, an indeed irregularly long time for any comic character.)

By any rate, this series has a lot in store, which we can see in the season trailer for the Flash. It's a lot to look forward to, offering a look at drama, action and fun to come. On top of that, we see Captain Cold in action, plus Multiplex in next week's episode, Mist, and potentially the likes of Heatwave and Girder. Have fun!


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