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Karly Rayner

After the insane viral hit of the official Annabelle prank earlier this week, I think I've dug up something even better...

If you're into a bit of gentle mocking laughter as opposed to feeling sorry for Portuguese cleaning ladies crapping their panties over a demonic doll, this one is for you!

Trust me, I watch plenty of these pranks, but this is the first one that has had me properly giggling over people's reactions. Maybe because everyone quickly realizes it's all a joke and there's no pesky risk of severe psychiatric trauma or cardiac arrest! That, and the eyes.

Check out what I mean in the hilarious clip below;

If you''re in no position to digest a video right now, then enjoy my compilation of the most grimacing faces of terror below!


Open wide, It's time for your tonsil inspection!


I said I wanted SOY MILK, Goddamit!

The one on the right doesn't scare easy.


Behold! The Majestic Side Eye of Fear Sharting

Trust me, that corpse is in the process of frantically burying back into its odour proof floor den after what this dude turned loose... The indignity of terror.


Airborne Adrenalin

I think I'm more scared of the "victim" this time...


The Claw!

Leave Harry Styles out of this, he's only little, bless him!

[Ouija](movie:469746) will be released on October 24 2014, just in time for Halloween!


How do you prefer your viral pranks?



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