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With the news last night that J.K Rowling's cryptic Twitter anagram might spell a new lease of life for Harry Potter, these amazing fan art magazine covers have come at the right time - and got us dreaming up all kinds of scenarios for a revival.

I wasn't able to identify the maker of these images. If you can point us in the direction of this wonderful artist, let us know!

Under the guise of "Hogwarts Weekly," the covers use clever headlines to imagine where the kids of Harry Potter ended up once the series ended.

And that doesn't just mean the obvious characters either; the children of Harry, Ron, and Hermione also feature as fancastings, plus the original Order of The Phoenix are resurrected. How cool is that?

Check out the images below and let your imagination wander.


The Original Order

James Potter (Aaron Taylor-Johnson)

James is still a bro, apparently, and still getting up to no good with his best friends - though his love for Lily is undying and totes romantic.

Lily Evans (Karen Gillan)

The hot redhead gave her famous son her green eyes but apparently none of her dress sense. Poor Harry.

Sirius Black (Ben Barnes)

Sirius is still rocking the sexy bad boy look and making the witches swoon left and right. He still calls Harry every week.

Remus Lupin (Andrew Garfield)

In an ideal world, both Tonks and Lupin live happily ever after with their son Teddy. Remus is cured of his condition and Tonks uses hers as a muggle party trick.

Hogwarts Students

Hermione (Emma Watson)

Post-HP: Hermione's still a sassy crusader for Elf rights and is still part of the "Golden Trio." I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd like to SPEW on Hermione, but she's far too sophisticated for that.

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe)

Post-HP: Harry is a sensible cardi-wearing dad with not much drama in his life other than being chased by the occasional fan through train stations.

Ron (Rupert Grint)

Post-HP: Poor Ron. It seems he's still known as a less famous appendage to Harry himself, but at least he's got a successful career as an Auror, not to mention an excellent stool-sitting technique.

Draco (Tom Felton)

Post-HP: Sharp as ever, Draco is also apparently an ex-con. He was caught trying to get people to invest in a bogus invisibility cloak development scheme, before moving into a legitimate personal security business using centaurs.

Ginny (Bonnie Wright)

Post-HP: Ginny is a kickass professional Quidditch player with Harry as her trophy HAB (Husbands and Boyfriends), natch.

Neville (Matthew Lewis)

Post-HP: Puberty was kind to Neville and he became the heartthrob of Hogwarts, teaching Herbology and talking about planting seeds with a twinkle in his eye.

Luna (Evanna Lynch)

Post-HP: Luna is satisfied in her belief that Nargles do actually exist, which is good because she goes on to marry Rolf Scamander, grandson of famous Fantastic Beasts author, Newt.

The Second Generation

Albus Potter

Albus causes all kinds of controversy as the first Potter/Weasley to be a Slytherin. But since Harry and Ginny preach tolerance, they let him be evil.

Victoire Weasley

She may be a bit young to call anyone a lover, but Victoire is totes serious about Teddy Lupin, the adopted orphaned son of Remus and Tonks. At 15, they're in it for the long haul.

Louis Weasley

Louis attends Beauxbatons like his French mother Fleur Delacour, and his Gallic influences have the ladies weak in the knees - which isn't surprising for a man with Veela blood.

Dominique Weasley

It seems Charlie Weasley couldn't tame this particular dragon. The fiery Dominique is chucked out of Hogwarts and ends up apprenticing in knitwear instead.


How cool is it to imagine what became of everyone from Harry Potter? Whether or not we see a real-life sequel, these covers are such an inventive way to revist the characters.

(Source: imgur)


Do the covers show the characters as you imagined them?


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