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"Things must have got mixed up," is what Andy's mom says in this Toy Story clip. And with the new mash-up video (that imagines what The Conjuring spin-off Annabelle might look like if you replaced the titular doll with the cowboy hero, Woody) she couldn't be more right.

I never considered the fact that the lovable, brave, kind, smart protagonist of Toy Story could be portrayed as a horror character...until now. Check out this video and just try not to let it leave your childhood in tatters:

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Annabelle tells the story of an evil, possessed doll looking to steal a soul. And, quite clearly, she got to Woody's before anyone could stop her.

And now, the Toy Story words, "the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you…ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what," take on a new, sinister meaning. Woody will never give up on you because he's definitely going to slit your throat while you sleep...

Here's why I love the idea, and the main 3 reasons I can see a Woody-based horror movie coming together pretty nicely, if anyone's offering...


Woody's Gaunt Stare

Evil dolls are not a new thing, but I'll never look at Woody in the same way again! His vacant, soul-piercing eyes are enough to make you recoil with fear, given the super creepy background music...


Typical Horror Movie Tropes

Flashing lights, static, and flickering, subliminal images. Simple and effective, eschewing visual effects for the slow build. And all that building tension really pays off with the final shot...


Woody's Horrifying Head Spin

I enjoyed the whole trailer, but the final shot is really the one that did it for me. Love the nod to The Exorcist. Let's have a whole Woody horror movie, full of classic horror movie references, please!


Okay, so I'm more amused than scared but, seriously, when is someone going to make this into a feature-length movie!?


Would you watch a feature-length Woody and Annabelle mash-up?

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