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What happens when you combine the mascot of the "Happiest Place on Earth" with the insanity inducing dark priest of the Great Old Ones? Well, the result is probably something like this new piece of T-shirt fan art from Neatoshop user BeastPop.

BeastPop decided to combine Mickey Mouse with H.P. Lovecraft's iconic Cthulhu to create "Mickthulhu Mouse" - a new mascot for a world ravaged by Shoggoths, Deep Ones and the rest of Cthulhu's grotesque minions. Take a look at the graphic, and BeastPops description, below:

Hiya, folks! In a clever scheme to better equip humanity to embrace and serve the Elder Gods, an adorable mascot was created to represent the great cosmic entity Cthulhu and sell heaps of merchandise.
That mascot was patterned on the world's most popular and recognizable cartoon character (who happens to be a mouse). If ol' Walt weren't cryogenically frozen and awaiting resuscitation in the secret bowels of "The Happiest Place on Earth", he'd be spinning in his grave like an electrified top!
Anyway, let's give a big warm welcome to Mickthulhu Mouse and embrace those initial tendrils of insanity tickling at the back of our brains. Whatta Dismal World!

This is certainly one of the better Cthulhu mash-ups I've seen, but I've still yet to see anything which matches the mind-melting nature of the bizarre Cthuken:

That's a Crab-Squid-Turkey if you're wondering.
That's a Crab-Squid-Turkey if you're wondering.

Actually makes me feel a bit insane... And hungry...

If you want to get your hands on one of these T-shirts, you can do that here for the price of $19.95.


Which world would rather live in?

Source: GeekTyrant


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