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Jess O'Kane

I really feel for this woman. While I'm a massive Lord of The Rings fan, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want my boyfriend to scream completely accurate quotes from the movies in my face as I came out of the shower or hung up my washing.

But that's what this poor girl is enduring from her prankster boyfriend. After he sent dozens of Snapchats of his sneak attacks to their friends, one compiled them into a video - and the results will make you respect her tolerance for geekery.

As she hangs the laundry, he runs up behind her shouting "THE BEACONS ARE LIT!" In another, he whispers in the dark: "Where is Gandalf? For I have much desire to speak with him."

Jokes aside, this dude has a talent for impressions. His Gimli voice saying "salty pork" nearly had me in tears.

Check out the video and judge for yourself!

(Source: Ebaum's World)


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