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An Honest Trailer about Transformers: Age of Extinction seems a bit like an unfair contest, kind of like shooting already dead fish in a barrel.

The Honest Trailers series has made its name shredding to pieces any movie it casts its eyes on, so doing one about Transformers 4 kind of seems redundant. If you loved it, presumably you won't care what they say, and if you hated it you don't really need a video to tell you why, it's kind of obvious.

Having said that, the pure vulnerability of Transformers: Age of Extinction to ridicule - whether it's the product placement, over-reliance on special effects or its pandering to the Chinese market - means this is one of the best Honest Trailers yet.

What do you think? Does Transformers: Age of Extinction deserve the hate it receives?


Transformers: Age of Extinction was...

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