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Please watch the Alien film before playing Alien: Isolation!

This is naturally not a way in which your survival is guaranteed (or should I say a way in which to lower you death count, because you will die. A lot!) but if you haven't seen the Alien film not only should you not be allowed to play the game but your access to the outside world should be restricted until you sit down and relish in the sci-fi wonder of Ridley Scott's glorious film from 1979.

Naturally the most pivotal aspect of this game is the painstaking recreation of the original film's ambience, visuals and terror. Therefore, having not seen the film, I feel there really wouldn't be much entertainment value for you in Alien: Isolation. But this point made, let's take a look at the many ways we can use to survive the Xenomorph as we navigate these dark, dank and creepy corridors.

The Creative Assembly's recommended difficulty setting is 'hard' for Alien: Isolation, do you really want to do that to yourself?

Normal is the bog standard difficulty setting for almost every game, the only exception that jumps to mind is when Bungie place the 'this is how Halo is meant to be played' sign next to Heroic. But in Alien: Isolation 'hard' is the way they recommend you play. In this setting the Xenomorph is relentless and will catch you following the slightest mistake and I mean the slightest. It even catches you when you are effectively hiding in a locker! How??

If you get annoyed by dying a lot, don't play it on hard.

Any second now he's going to turn around...
Any second now he's going to turn around...

It's like Dark Souls, in that you've got to get used to death!

I recommend standing out and letting the Alien grab you the first chance you get. You've got to get used to this guy, he can come out of nowhere or stick his tail through your chest from behind or drop from a vent above you. Embrace it if possible, otherwise your controller may just suffer severe damage as you launch it against the wall.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the Alien!

The motion tracker is bizarre because it lets off a beeping sound as it tracks the rough direction of where the Alien is. But the Alien can't seem to hear it unless you are in direct line of sight with it. Of course you won't need it anymore if he's standing right in front of you.

Use it to your advantage and as often as possible. The lean function is also your best friend and it has to be used to monitor his movements whenever possible!

Surprisingly, once you begin to master the game you can even creep up behind the Alien and when he turns right you can turn left then or continue on down the corridor. Just watch that tail, or you're going to pay! He's also quite vocal so playing with headphones is also far more terrifying but helps you figure out where his screams are coming from!

Like this is just a bad situation!
Like this is just a bad situation!

Watch for that acid!

Sometimes, as the Xenomorph moves over head through a vent you can see his acidic drool dripping down. Obviously stay well clear of it, if you step near the vent he drops down and pulls you apart.

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Never run and never fight!

Running is just the worst idea. The Alien is so much faster than you and will hear you from a long way away and believe me he will catch you. Also, running up against the Alien is a bad idea for two reasons.

One: you almost never win, he just pushes your weapon aside and plunges his tongue into your face (man that sounds weird).

Two: frequent use of the flamethrower isn't possible because there is a short supply of ammunition, but I also feel that it ruins the game a little. It does actually scare off the Alien and I found it far more enjoyable just trying to sneak around him. For a while anyway.

Can she throw it first?!
Can she throw it first?!

For the love of god save your game!

Alien: Isolation has an extremely difficult save system in that you have to manually save at the different walled phones they have scattered around. The worst thing about this is that sometimes you're so desperate to save that you make too much noise getting to it. Then just as you pick up the receiver, you receive a tale through your chest.

Know where the Alien is before you go near it, running to the save device doesn't really work you've got to make sure the coast is clear. And don't be afraid to make the slightest bit of progress and then go back to the same save location. You will never regret saving.

Test your weapons and don't leave crafting items behind!

I don't recommend getting this close to him.
I don't recommend getting this close to him.

If you're unsure about the abilities of your weapon and how quickly you can pull it out in a tight situation then test it next to a save point. Save and then test the weapon so that you're not finding out how it works when the Xenomorph is in front of you.

Also, if you can just craft something rather than dropping crafting items for additional space. The game doesn't give too many of these items so make use of them when you can!

The 'Hard' setting is 'HARD'!!!!

I mean, just look at this guy! But skip his stupid stuff at the start. Head to 40 seconds in to see how it's not only the Alien that murders you in this game. Those humans are extremely annoying and this game is extremely hard.

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Did you pick 'hard' difficulty for Alien: Isolation?


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