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NBC execs announced this week they were developing a half-hour comedy, which would continue the love story of John Cusack and Ione Skye's characters from the 1989 film Say Anything (you know, the one where we all realized we were in love with Cusack for the first time...).

But Cameron Crowe, director of the 1989 rom-com, took to Twitter straight away, in order to voice his opposition to the project:

Well, I guess NBC are really "eating crow" now, because they confirmed that after further thought, they have decided to not move forward with the project - I wonder if the instant backlash played a part...

If you ask me, coming-of-age means coming to terms with reality, such as the fact that eventually your romantic teen years turn into cynical adulthood, and that a Say Anything TV spin-off would have (almost) inevitably have ended badly. What say you?


Is Cameron Crowe right, or would you have liked a Say Anything spin-off?

(Source: Empire)


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