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Nina Dobrev has become a new victim in the nude celebrity hacking scandal, but although the 25-year-old actresses privacy has been violated, it's nowhere near as bad as it could be.

Over 140 photos of Dobrev were stolen from her personal accounts and leaked onto 4Chan, but luckily none of the images were terribly risqué.

Dobrev remains clothed in all of the photos with the most scandalous snap involving [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actress jokingly licking her friends breasts.

It's theorized that because Nina Dobrev didn't appear on the master list, she's had time to purge her accounts of anything she would not want to end up in the public eye.

Although no naked pictures of Dobrev were exposed to the world, I can only imagine how she feels about the intrusion. When you happen to be a celebrity, your precious time out of the public eye must be so precious and having this privacy destroyed by someone with malicious intent must be devastating.


Do you think this is the final wave of celebrity hacking?

(Source: KDrama Stars)


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