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Let's take a brief look at the original Dead Island!

It was not too long ago that someone reminded me of how incredible the Dead Island trailer was. Forget about the game because it was never going to live up to the emotional power and originality that it's trailer displayed. I'd like to direct our attention back there first. Check it out here again:

The music in this alone gets me every time. What did you guys think of Dead Island? It wasn't very well received but I remember enjoying my play through and that the zombies gave me a good few jumps. I still have the image of them running at me from hundreds of yards away in my mind as I anxiously awaited them to get close enough so I could swing my weapon at them (while hopefully nailing the timing).

Then when Dead Island: Riptide came along I was surprised by the fact that I just completely ignored it. I had fun in the first one but not enough to go back again...or did I? Let's take a look at what Yager Development and Deep Silver have in store for us!

Left 4 Dead Elements in Dead Island 2?

Will this formula work again for Dead Island 2?
Will this formula work again for Dead Island 2?

With regards to setting, the game shares only one similarity with the original: scorching sun. The game is set in warm, sunny California and features iconic locations such as Hollywood and Santa Monica Pier as well as some locations in San Francisco. Not all of the places we can go have yet been revealed but there is certainly a huge map to explore. You can drive to all of these locations or use the fast travel locations on your map if that becomes tedious.

Something hilarious about the game (aside from its wildly eccentric German creators) is that the zombies faces are actually the scanned faces of the people that work at Yager. Insane!

Additionally, the game features an increased degree of violence and brutality. The zombies appear to just fall apart at the slightest touch of a weapon. There are also said to be far more deadlier zombies in this world, though they remain quite fragile. Take a look at the knife used in this reveal at Gamescom 2014! Visceral stuff.

Now to the reason why I say Left for Dead. The game features 4 playable characters that can either be selected in singleplayer or simultaneously used in co-op or online multiplayer. What they actually refer to the game as is 'the world's smallest MMO', I thought Destiny had that title? ... Too soon?

The narrative has a huge focus placed upon the seamless nature of the co-op elements. Therefore, no beginning is offered, the zombie outbreak is a fact of life and the people in it are already familiar with it when we join the game. They also claim that there is no ending either, it just serves as a platform to hack away at zombies with friends.

To be honest after looking at the game I can see how it tried to be the replacement for Left 4 Dead 2, but they haven't made anything even close. The combat looks so clunky, either the guy at Gamescom has never played a FPS in his life or the aiming system is just awful.

The scenery looks alright, but with no intriguing narrative or new features the game looks like its going to be a bit of a bore. Am I being too harsh? Let me know in the comments!

Dead Island 2 arrives in Spring 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One!

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