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GTA 6 Plot and World Details!

So as I've said in my previous article, which you can checkout here, the details we have surrounding GTA 6 are as follows. We have a return to Florida in the beautifully pink Vice City and two of the main characters have already been speculated over; one being Asian and the other a descendant of John Marston (still can't get over how cool that would be!).

The game is also set to allow players to travel as they see fit to the other maps from GTA's past! Therefore, it seems that we'll be able to fly on over to San Andreas and if Rockstar live up to my ultimate dream they'll have a protagonist or two from each city that will all ultimately have to come together to form the main narrative.

With all of these amazing features in mind, the world of GTA 6 will be a contender for the best yet. But first, let's have a look at some of the locations we would all love to revisit 15 years down the road!

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GTA Vice City, the places I want to see again!

Vice City is still my favorite after all these years. San Andreas was enormous and so impressive, GTA IV was a blast and GTA V was by far one of the best games I've ever played, but isn't there just something singularly wonderful about the world of Vice City?

It could just be a nostalgia factor, but I can still feel how amazed I was while playing this game in 2002 and anytime a song comes on the radio that featured in Vice City I'm instantly reminded of my experiences with the game. I don't have that with any other GTA, do you? Therefore, my excitement cannot be contained for the next installment, I just hope they let me see how certain locations are getting on all these years later!

Ricardo Diaz's Mansion!

The memories of this building!
The memories of this building!

Man I loved this place. From the insane difficulties I had with getting that damned limo out of his front garden, to plowing through the house in order to hop into the helicopter on the roof, it was always a pleasure to come back here. If Rockstar could be so kind, It'd be an esteemed pleasure to return to this location in GTA 6 to see how good or bad time was to it. And let's have another Scarface shootout inside, just for old time's sake!

Tommy Vercetti's small apartment!

Imagine seeing a place like this 15 years later!
Imagine seeing a place like this 15 years later!

I'd personally love it if one of the characters lived in vercetti's old apartment and only we would know about it! He'd even have the same picture on the wall or the same carpet. Something for the fans Rockstar, there are so many ways you could make me happy with this game.

A return of Vice City's characters!

Tommy's he been all these years?
Tommy's he been all these years?

What if one of the characters you come against is Tommy Vercetti! Years down the road he's become a mafia big shot having furthered his control over Vice City. One of the protagonists who comes from Vice City has serious issues constantly failing to pay him for protection or something. Anything!

I don't know if it's possible Rockstar...but would Ray Liotta be willing to come back? Maybe if you were really nice about it? I mean I'm definitely asking for too much here...or am I? All I really want is some easter eggs in there for the Vice City fans to salivate over!

What would you like to see come back from Vice City in GTA 6?

Female Lead Happening in GTA 6?

Could Rockstar finally include a female lead?
Could Rockstar finally include a female lead?
In the future, could we do a game with a lead female character? Of course, we just haven’t found the right game for it yet, but it’s one of the things that we always think about. - Dan Houser

With a game that features various different cities with different characters from each one, surely this is the time that Rockstar can find room to fit in a female protagonist! People have been wondering about it for years and I seriously hope they do it this time round!

GTA 6 has so much pressure placed on it to blow our minds. It's going to have to deliver to fans of the series, expand upon the triple protagonist elements it offered in GTA 5 and also increase the size of the map. We have faith though. Considering that GTA 5 had a budget of $265,000,000, I'm sure GTA 6 will push this figure even higher. Let's just hope it even eclipses our expectations!

Sound off in the comments with what you want to see in GTA 6!


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