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We've known for a while that Fox is interested in a live-action TV series that would feature their hottest movie property right now: The X-Men Universe.

New rumors are coming out from Film Divider on what one of those series could be about. The first one is a show that would star Evan Peters as Quicksilver, who is considered to be the breakout character from [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942).

But we don't know for sure that it would be the same era or even actor that we saw in DOFP. As Film Divider puts it:

"What we don’t know is if considering Quicksilver means the show would be a period piece, if the role would be recast, or if there’s some other trick that could be pulled."

This would be an interesting move by Fox since we already have D.C.'s speedster starring on the CW as Flash. Can television handle both of these guys? If Fox did this, I'd imagine they would also bring in Scarlet Witch and Polaris, answering some lingering questions from DoFP.

The second option Fox is looking at would put the Multiple Man and the X-Factor Investigation at the helm of their own show.

We've been clamoring relentlessly for an X-Factor movie to finally come out, and this could be Fox's solution to a tricky problem (branding X-Factor to an audience that knows nothing about them or Jamie Madrox).

Last, Fox is considering a female-centric show that would showcase some overlooked X-ladies of late. Rogue would certainly be an interesting frontrunner thanks to Anna Paquin's growth in fame, and we're certainly overdue for a deeper look at Jubilee, Emma Frost (I don't buy that she's really gone) and maybe even Boom Boom.


Which of these ideas do you want to see (the most) turn into a TV series?


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