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It's been busy here at Moviepilot the last couple of weeks. Summer is over in Berlin, so all the Dev and Design guys are working hard to release everything that is on our very stuffed roadmap. On top of that list remains the promise to deliver the best available Editor that allows you to easily create beautiful content. And we are pleased to say that we have been happy with the latest developments.

Ever since we started to have a feature freeze on the Editor and started focusing only on the reliability of the product, back in August, we've seen a 20% increase in usage. The average session length is close to 10 minutes and we see more content being produced by you than ever before. Awesome!

So, our next step was to make sure your content looked even shinier than before. We have a number of updates planned - that we will be releasing in the next couple of weeks. Let me give you a glimpse at some of the details that we're working on:

New layouts for articles

Let me demonstrate with [John Edakul](user:1397214)'s article "Get Your First Look at the Reverse Flash!"

We removed the 'call to action' feature at the top of the article, which allowed you to follow a movie in order to leave more space for the author. Instead of having a big "follow this movie" button, the primary 'call to action' for the reader is now to either follow the author, or to share the article on Facebook.

We want to make sure that you can reach out to the people that liked your articles in the past. Adding the 'follow the author' option is the first step in creating a relationship between the author and the reader. In a later step, we will allow you to reach out to your followers on the platform and probably even via email.

Your author box consists of your name and your description, you can set your description in your profile settings. Underneath this is the share button, allowing Facebook sharing only, for now, we will definitely be adding more services later.


Which social sharing platform do you use the most?

The share button will stay in your viewport when you scroll down, allowing us to eliminate the sharing buttons at the end of the article. The comment section is now immediately connected with the article, so no other 'call to action' should distract the reader from leaving their remarks.

We also removed the tags from the bottom of the article and placed them after the comment section. Right now, they are displayed as simple blocks of text. We didn't see much interaction on those, only a mere 50k clicks have been recorded in the last 30 days, so giving them more space and a more visual representation should lead to more interactions. Also, you can now directly subscribe to a tag.

Live Numbers

The most visible change is the prominent tally of readers, shares, and comments. This 'Post Performance' will also be in your viewport while you read the article, giving an indication of how many people are interacting with that specific content at that very moment.

taken from a recent article,
taken from a recent article,

The numbers are tracked and generated via internal tools that we use to identify the best and most shareable posts here on Moviepilot. These are the first groupings of numbers that we are going to make publicly available. Depending on the reaction you all have, we might make more of the data that we collect on a daily basis more available.

Image Quality

As you can see in this post, the image quality is not exactly where it needs to be. We always have to balance the quality of the content that we serve, as well as the costs that it generates. Just to give you a rough idea: on an average day we send out about 100 MB of image data per second during normal hours. That's about 5-8 TB each day - only for images. Now, running a website...that traffic isn't free. Depending on your CDN, you may pay between $0.05 - 0.02* (US) per GB. That rounds up to roughly $200 (US) per day. There are many more costs involved for hosting, the videos, etc. but I wanted to give you an idea.

Reducing the quality of the images (and with it, the file size of the images) will immediately result in a lower invoice from our CDN provider. So we were tempted to reduce it further and further. But, as you can see in this very is now at a level where it could hurt your content. We don't want that. We will increase the quality again, making sure that your images get the treatment they deserve.

And while we're working on the images, we will also change a few details in our cropping algorithm. We know that there are some cases where the Editor crops images unfavorably.

That's it for now! As hinted in a previous article, we will release more updates in October, just follow Moviepilot and we'll let you know!

* Just in case you're from the CDN industry and see a business opportunity here. We're working with Fastly and are very happy with the service they provide. So, no need to call us. If we ever plan on switching our CDN, we'll announce it here publicly.


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