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This is my first article, and it is purely speculation. That said, onto the fun.

With the furor over Ben Affleck's casting as Bruce Wayne/Batman having subsided some with the release of the teaser photos of him in costume (which looks down right fantastic), it might be time to speculate on which direction Warner Bros. may go with our beloved Caped Crusader in future films. I make a simple suggestion. BATMAN BEYOND.

Why would the WB make such a bold departure from the tried and true? Because it is just that, a bold move. There have been seven films in the Batman franchise (BATMAN, BATMAN RETURNS, BATMAN FOREVER, BATMAN & ROBIN, and THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY), and with the approaching release of the soft sequel BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, Bruce Wayne/Batman will see his eighth iteration on film. Add with the JUSTICE LEAGUE film and a potential Batfleck solo film, the Batman Reboot, would make ten. That could spell Bat-fatigue for WB and film goers (i.e. SPIDERMAN).

Terry McGinnis offers a bold new direction that would revitalize the character. And it seems that Warner Brother's may have that in mind. How say you? Simple...

  • Cast Ben Affleck as an older, battle weary Batman, who has been in the hero game for a while. CHECK
  • Draw inspiration from the classic comic The Dark Knight Returns, which sees Bats duke it out with Supes while wearing an armored-mech Bat-suit. CHECK
  • Continue the physical breakdown of Bruce Wayne, and the refinement and increased reliance on a mech Bat-suit in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film.
  • Introduce Terry McGinnis as Bats' latest and last protege in the solo film. BATMAN BEYOND.

This would provide a soft reboot of the Batman character, but keep it in continuity with the DCU that is being established. Plus it gives Warner Brother's the option of using Batfleck as the bridge between two franchises, the principle Batman of the Justice League films, and the elder statesman of Batman Beyond.

SONY and their SPIDERMAN franchise would learn well. Miles Morales anyone?!

Again just speculation. Have fun.


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