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Whilst promoting his new movie "The Judge", Robert Downey Jr made a guest appearance on Ellen and's what went down:

So Iron Man 4 is coming? I mean.....he did say "Okay, yes" when asked right?

However....last night, when Downey Jr made an appearance on David Letterman's show his comments seemed very different, check out what happened here:

So....Iron Man 4 isn't coming?

Robert Downey Jr only has a couple of films left on his contract with Marvel and one of them is next years "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" the other most likely being "Avengers 3" so unless he's in re-negotiations with Marvel about his contract then he doesn't need to be in any more Marvel movies.

What I think has happened here is Downey Jr was simply playing along with Ellen saying Iron Man 4 is happening but perhaps received a phone call from an exec at Marvel telling him to retract his comments so then backtracked on Letterman's show.

We've been hearing recently during his press tour for "The Judge" that Downey Jr does want to keep playing this character and he'll "ride it all the way into shore" and I think that's because of his newest film. "The Judge" currently resides at a 44% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes and isn't tracking to do huge numbers at the box office this weekend and perhaps this has swayed Downey Jr into sticking with Marvel for a bit longer because the Iron Man franchise/Marvel brand did reboot his entire career and has earned him a lot of money.

In his interview with Letterman he does definitely say "No" to him being in Iron Man 4 but he's doing other stuff, most likely the next Avengers films, but I do think he wants to stick with the character for a little longer. Tony Stark is a character that isn't age dependent, unlike Spider-Man, Iron Man doesn't have to be young and agile so Downey Jr's age doesn't even come into question when playing the character.

I do think Iron Man 4 is definitely a movie that will happen, after all "Iron Man 3" did make over a Billion Dollars and that's not something movie studios take lightly, but I don't think Downey Jr. will star in the film, I think by then another actor will take up the suit, but that's not to say Downey Jr returning for another solo film is out of the question, its a definite possibility.

What do you guys think? Do you think Robert Downey Jr will star in Iron Man 4 or it isn't happening? Comment below!


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