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Fan art is sick! Especially when you can tell lots of time, passion, and effort goes into it. We stumbled upon Thai artist BanHunLek, who does handmade scrap metal artwork for a living, and who completed this amazingly on-point rendition of The Incredible Hulk.

I really shouldn't have thrown away those extra nuts and bolts that came with my Ikea furniture... smh. If this amazing fan art teaches us one thing, it's that you can put leftover metal to good use... and in this case, besides just being resourceful, you can also build a massively cool Hulk statue in the process!

The attention to detail though...

He's a little rusty... maybe this is what it looks like when Bruce Banner doesn't Hulk up for a while...

I'm not exactly sure why he has mini-dreadlocks (although I actually do like the look on him), but the facial expression, muscles, and veins are undeniably dope.

I'm pretty sure this is one of the scariest things people with trypophobia have ever seen, by the way.

How does this stack up with other 3D fan art you've seen?

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