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A few weeks ago it was announced that Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass would be returning to the 'Bourne' franchise. So what's happening with Jeremy Renner's Bourne?

Well in a recent interview with CraveOnline, Jeremy Renner spoke up about his place in the Bourne franchise:

"It's still moving. We have our director, who's actually run off to do the "True Detective" series right now, and then, while that's happening, they're finishing writing the script. I know Greengrass and Damon... well, I've heard have maybe cracked an idea. A reason to continue the 'Bourne' series, which is fantastic. They have created a very exciting universe, and hopefully in my mind I'd love for us to do something together. If not on the next one, sometime very soon. I think that would be really great. I know I want it. I feel like the fans want it as well."

The Bourne Legacy opened to a pleasing box office and had mixed reviews but was considered a step down from the original Bourne trilogy. For quite a while now it has been rumored that both Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner would star in a Bourne flick together. I believe that was the intention in the first place, there doesn't really seem to be a point to a Bourne franchise.... without Jason Bourne.

I enjoyed The Bourne Legacy, I didn't think it was awful but it could have been a lot better and was definitely the weakest out of the 4 but I did really like Jeremy Renner in the lead role and can't wait to see Renner and Damon share the screen.

Are you guys interested in a Damon/Renner "Bourne" crossover?


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