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In 2010, our minds were blown when it was announced:

The Green Lantern was getting his own movie!

Of course, the casting for the Green Lantern was announced, and there was some... controversy. But we were sure Ryan Reynolds would be good, right? It couldn't be THAT bad.

Wrong. Instead of getting the hilarious action/sci-fi movie that we all wanted and deserved, we got a forced comedy written about a jerk who was somehow chosen by the Green Lantern corps.

Now that we've got a Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, with a successful TV universe with a Flash and Green Arrow, there's one thing missing:

Hal Jordan.

Now, we don't want another Reynolds, (but I'm sure he'll be great as Deadpool) so why don't WE pick who should play the original Guardian of the Galaxy?


Who could play Hal Jordan?


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