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Brian Maitland

Yesterday was the first episode of the Arrow spin-off The Flash. I've only seen the first episode of [Arrow](series:720988) by the way. I thought the episode was really good and from what I know - it kept decently true to the comics. I do kind of wish Barry Allen was more sarcastic and funny like in the comics but he was still a cool character.

I also thought the effects were really good, especially for a television show. And some of the action scenes were pretty intense too. I think my favorite thing about the show were the easter eggs. Most of them were really easy to spot out but still subtle. Here are all of the easter eggs in the episode compiled by Screenrant.

I thought the characters, story, easter eggs and effects were done very well.

I will definitely be watching this show.

[The Flash](movie:15273) airs on CW at 8 PM Tuesdays


What did you think of The Flash premiere?


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