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On October 10th, we'll see the first movie that the new company (Team Downey) founded by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife produced. The Judge has already received very good comments after early screeenings and its presentation in the Mill Valley Film Festival.

You can't deny, Robert Downey Jr. has become one of our favorite actors, his energy and charisma has given us great moments at the cinema, in addition, he's an awesome human being and a living example of personal growth. Who'd have thought that the same man that once was found naked and high on the streets is now one of the most beloved people in the world!

Robert Downey Jr. singing, again.
Robert Downey Jr. singing, again.

Besides being a terrific actor, he's also proven that when it comes to singing, he's not left behind either. That's why I've made a shortlist where you will find the coolest times when RDJ surprised us with his great voice. Did I miss your favorite one? Share and comment, dear readers!

BUT, why not warm up with this amazing lip-sync cover that RDJ made for the Elton John's "I Want Love" video. Yep, you know what I'm talking about.

7. The US Anthem in Heart & Souls

It's not precisely a bad movie, but it isn't exactly a must-see either. Robert had the main role in this 1993 production, which makes it worth a watch. How many times have we lost our minds listening to some pop star sing our hymns so badly? Well, right after Aretha Franklin, this is my favorite version.

6. Man Like Me, From His Solo Album

If you're a true fan of this actor, The Futurist is a rare piece that can't be out of your collection. This album was released in 2004, and it seems to be the only record that Downey had planned to make. Some of the songs were featured in the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang soundtrack, and it sold 16,000 copies during the first weekend in stores. The promoted single was called Man Like Me, a ballad co-written by himself, and it's just excellent.

5. The Pips

While promoting Tropic Thunder, Downey Jr. joined Jack Black and Ben Stiller for a special performance on a FOX TV show. He's just part of a chorus, but it's quite funny.

4. Happy Birthday!

Before presenting the first footage from Iron Man 2 at the San Diego Comic Con, Robert Downey Jr. noticed Jon Favreau was very distracted. After finding out the reason, this guy gave the perfect birthday gift.

3. In My Dreams

The Singing Detective could be the only movie you should avoid from his career. However, it did have good music, especially the song below. Save your time and listen...instead of watching the whole film.

2. He'll be Watching You

The Police
The Police

Defined by Brandon Flowers (The Killers) as the "eternal stalker anthem," this iconic 80's song received the special treatment of Robert's voice on the TV series Ally McBeal. It's simple, Every Breath You Take never sounded better.

1. Driven To Tears

Back in 2011, Sting had a special concert in New York celebrating his 60th birthday, and Robert was invited to sing with him. Driven to Tears is the best moment of this great actor using his talent for music. Just amazing.


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