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With Sony following Marvel's Cinematic Universe expansion plans, fans will be getting their first taste of a Spider-Man Universe with the announced SINISTER SIX film. While the question of just who the six sinisters will be (spoiler: hinted at in an end credits scene in [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) gets tossed around, a more important question rises. What storyline will a Sinister Six film follow?

Clearly, in 'comicbookdom' the Sinister Six team together to defeat/kill Spider-man. It is this worthwhile goal that makes the likes of the Green Goblin, Rhino, Doctor Octopus, etc. etc. put aside their differences and egos to utterly destroy their common foe. And it would make for a highly spectacular big screen adaptation. Seeing how Peter Parker/Spider-man deals with the unrelenting assault on life in and out of the costume. But there in lies the conundrum. Would THAT film become a de facto sequel, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.5?

So if Sony wants the main leads to be the Sinister Six, which it seems they do, and have audiences root for them, how best do they handle Spider-man? One solution would be to rein in Peter Parker. No Parker? Can that even be done? Sure.

While the Sinister Six would effectively become the “heroes,” Spider-man serves as the “villain,” so there would be no need to set up the villain’s origin. We already know Web-head's back story. So there would be no need to see Peter's life struggles. Spidey would be relegated to fight scene cameos (Parker would show up only during surprise attacks and quickly don the Spider-suit). It would be a classic role reversal. Now the better solution would be to banish Spider-man all together! Crazy talk I know, but bear with it.

Think of the Sinister Six as Sony's version of DC's SUICIDE SQUAD, which may be getting their own movie. The Six would in essence be coerced into going on some god-awful mission with the reward being a choice opportunity to get Spider-man on their own terms at a later date. No appearances by Spidey at all. Just mentions and talk. Let the Sinister Six be anti-heroes, doing a dirty job no one else wants a la THE DIRTY DOZEN.

That film would segue nicely into closing out the reboot trilogy with [The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279) (where spidey and the six duke it out). Either way I look forward to seeing the Six on the screen and the expanding Spidey-verse.


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