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Last night, the highly anticipated tv series American Horror Story, premiered its Fourth Season, titled Freak Show. Right now, the first season (Murder House) is my favorite, but this new season definitely has the potential to become my favorite and I hope it does. This idea/concept is brilliant. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are brilliant creating such an amazing anthology with each season being more interesting than the last.

The second season (Asylum) has definitely taken the spot to being when it comes to being the scariest season but it seams that Freak Show is going to give Asylum a run for its money. Showing us just how freaky this show can get.

Now I won't spoil anything, all I really wanted to say that I love this show. The cast are phenomenal. It just keeps growing and growing, getting very talented actors through the series. The whole cast is great but Jessica Lange and Evan Peters steal the screen for me, just amazing actors that I hope they won't leave. (Don't leave Jessica Lange).

Now I don't get scared when I watch this show, but I will admit that the clown who will be called Twisty the Clown is truly terrifying. A great antagonist for this series. I'm only more curious to know this clown's origin.

Freak Show
Freak Show

So to conclude, I really enjoyed the first episode, I can't wait to see what happens next, and I'll write an article on why I love the series and why I think it's one of the best series on tv right now.


Did you like the new season?


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