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Aaaahh what greater tho in the world is there than being Deadpool, you're right anything but he is f*cking awesome. Deadpool is the favorites of so many people for his not giving a hoot attitude. This isn't gonan be an article about whether or not they should make it but more about what they should or shouldn't do. First off it has to be a rated R film in order for it to be true to its real nature and to give the audience a real taste of what [Deadpool](movie:38663) is, and not any of that wolverine origins bullshoe that we had to deal with before. I mean he shot lasers, had blades coming out of him and he can teleport. The R rating will allow the studios to be more free with the blood, guts, and profanity. If they could make watchmen which in many cases was a porno, I mean come on floating blue guy with his ding dong hanging out. Who order a large pepperonie pizza? The studios need to see that even though it's risky they should go ahead and make it rated R so we can hear many of the jokes that we get from spidey but just a little more inappropriate. If everything goes good we would see Deadpool taking a lot of punishment, don't take that the wrong way guys we are all mature adults here. A great Deadpool movie will be great because it can lead to a number of cameos from many different characters in the the marvel universe that we've seen. Which lead me to my next point.

Wolverine and Deadpool have crossed paths so many times it's not even funny any more.


Yeah it is, but so many encounters go hand in hand with so many great stories. Once we establish a good deadpool character we can go on to bring these two loveable characters together in a bloody merciless rampage of dead bodies as they move along in the film. The studios need to just keep their thinking hats on and find a way to put them together without screwing things up to badly.

To whom it may concern aka the person or people who will be in charge of making this movie. Do not steer towards the pg-13 rating, you will screw this movie for us true believer. The following topic is of up most importance. If or when you make this film, make sure after his character is all set to not fuck up with trying to put him in every film. By this I mean don't try to many crossovers or team ups with him. He is more of a solo type of guy. There are a few exceptions, one of them being the one with wolverine. The others include cable, spider man, and the best one the x force. The timing has come for all our favorite superheroes to come up on the big screen, but if I may speak to frankly, they all lick monkey balls. They have not stayed true to the characters stories for the most part of the film and have neglected to deliver a factually correct movie. This is something they should keep in mind with this movie. The few topics I have covered in this crapy as article should be taken in high regard.

Thank you and please tell me what you think.

Deadpool & Spider-Man
Deadpool & Spider-Man

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