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Oh My God, I don’t know how I got through today without exploding with excitement over the [Arrow](series:720988) Season 3 Premiere. I announced loudly, to anyone who made the mistake of asking what was wrong with me, that my favorite show was coming back and I couldn’t wait.

Before I continue… Spoilers. If Arrow hasn’t entered your life yet, I believe that is a sad existence and you have my sympathy. And we are back.

Small things first - Arsenal is a BAMF. I can see why Stephen Amell is annoyed about his costume, because it’s totally true that it’s the best on the show. I can officially forgive Colten Hayes for leaving Teen Wolf to become Roy Harper. I’m a fan.

Daddy Diggle is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Although I am extremely worried now that he has procreated that he will be killed off. I might flip a table if that happens. Diggle is awesome, and I love seeing that he and Roy are friends. (Did anyone else love the knowing looks every time Oliver and Felicity spoke? So excited.)

Detective Lance (or Captain) is awesome as always, and his story has a bit more meat to it now that he is struggling with being out of the field.

Now to the bigger items- SARA!!!!!! I had finally started to tolerate Laurel Lance again because I enjoyed watching her and her sister figure things out. Now we have Laurel as Black Canary getting ready to be rammed down our throats and I am extremely displeased!! I knew Sara was going to have to die. Laurel is Black Canary in the comics, and they have been leaning toward it from the beginning, but why on earth did it have to happen so soon?

*Note* I’ve said it before. Not cyber bullying allowed. Opinions are welcome, rudeness is not. *end note*

I was JUST starting to enjoy Laurel again. I accepted her in season one, hated her in season two, and had only now learned to enjoy her again. Now she’s going to go off the deep end for the ump-teenth time and decide that she’s a bad ass again, when all she could do was swat at Slades Thug that kidnapped her only a few months earlier.

Then there is Olicity. (Because really that’s what most of us care about, right?) The date was going so well!!! I knew it would end horribly, and I also knew there would be an upcoming love triangle so things couldn’t be prefect for him and Felicity right away. But REALLY? They broke up before it even got started? Although, everyone should get very excited for an extremely jealous Oliver this next season.

I geeked out more times than I can tell you. I’m pretty sure if there was a church of Felicity Smoak, I would be the high priestess. (I’m obsessed. It’s bad) I’ve been super stoked for this episode, and they didn’t disappoint me on the Olicity Chemistry. I’m frustrated by the slow pace, but god knows no one has become an Olicity Shipper and expects instant gratification.

But now we know!!! He loves her, and she’s not putting up with is yo-yoing back and forth! I have faith in them. It ended on a high note, but the writers are going to drag this out as long as they can. Take a note from Bones though, Arrow Writers. Don’t create obstacles when there aren’t any. I expect this to be resolved about half way through the season, if not, by the end.

Over all I thought it was a good premier. I’m excited for the next episode, but it was impossible to meet my expectations. I was picturing something as epic as the season finale had been, and that was really unrealistic. I wanted an episode to end episodes, and that’s not what I got. Still, I’m happy for next week.

Did I leave anything out? What did you think of the premier?


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