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The future of our beloved universe is at risk from all the bullcorn that they are trying to submit out there. The first stop is the stand alone films that gives each and every character their time to shine. There are many characters in the universe that are gonna pop sooner or later.


Hulk in gladiator gear!
Hulk in gladiator gear!

The first and only character im gonna talk about is the hulk stand alone movies that should already be in the proccess. This is one of the key characters in the marvel universe because he is part of the avengers right now and also because his character can lead to the avengers movie I believe should be made for the third insalment, ill elaborate more on that later. The way that they should most definetly reboot the hulk movie is by following the planet hulk series. For those of you who have seen the movie, you know what badassarie awaits if they make it into aa live action movie.

This story line will bring forth a different side of the hulk which we are dying to see. A new side to a character is always good because they could do something youd never expect him to do and this series does just that. At the begining of this story the hulk finds himself prisoner aboard a ship that stark and the rest of the avengers have manufactured in order to get rid of the hulk. He is being sent to an isolated planet so he wont do any harm. The ship goes off course and he crash lands on a planet ruled by a merciless a man by the name of the red king. Here he fights as a gladiator and with every battle earns the respect of the people.

This story line is perticularly awesome because in the final battle that the hulk must fight before he is freed a fammiliar face arises, beta ray bill. For those of you who dont know him. He is part of a race that is near extinction. He is the only other person deem worthy of weilding thors hammer and was made a similar one to thors by odins request, back to hulk. Here he confronts the hulk in a battle up until they are all set free and hulk saves the planet.

The Avengers

Up next is the group called [The Avengers](movie:9040), you may know him haha They are a hard subject to tackle since the studios like to fuck them in the ass so much, i know they try their best but im disappointed each time. I think that the next step after the second instalment of the avengers should be world war hulk. this would follow the stand alone film of the hulk movie I just spoke about. This if i may make you cum in your pants, thats if you love people getting their ass beat and watching awesome battle scenes.

It would start of course With the death of the hulks new pregnant wife on the planet he was stranded on before. He blames the people who sent them there which is tony stark and his gang. When he returns back to earth he procceds to kick every ones ass. Im sure that alone is enough to make you people wet your self. This is a grand story that works its way through so many characters seeing as he kicks virtually everyones ass.

This bundle of hulk victims would include the x men, the avengers, and the fanastic four. This should be the last movie the avengers should do before going on to do a diffferent set of avengers movies such as the new vengers or young avengers. speaking of new super heroes team.

The X men, whether its old or young Charles, should be dealt with very carefully at this point since they pretty much erased everything we know after DOFP. If they do pull off the apocalypse movie correctly i think their next trilogy should be taken with great responsibility since they can use it as a fresh start. I have said before that the following movie should be a brand new pheonix movie made the right way with flamming jene grey. Having that said I believe that the studios should over think the idea of new groups of X's, I dont mean scott pilgrim. They can brinf forth a new group of heroes such as the uncanny x men, a darker one such as the X force, or even a fimiliar such as the new x men.

Which ever path they take with this shall be very interesting but my hopes are for the future, specially after watch captain America and guardians do alittle better then the other films. Thank you and comment below.


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