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If you havent read the first part then let me tell you this isnt about what good things are coming but more or less the great things I want them to do in the marvel universe. Please god let them come true…..and bring back taco tuesday.

The first one would be a stand alone movie of venom. The great and powerful symbiote that has become one with peter parkers highschool bully. flsah Thompson.

This new and improved symbiote becomes part of flash and he is the first of the possesors to control the symbiote. The stand alone movie will wrap around the world of flash thompson and would see a different side o fthe venom symbiote. This will lead to what I want to happen to the guardians next. Yes I mean those guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy

To be fair this is a new series that marvel is releasing and we dont have much to go off with this new team of guardians but it does sound pretty freaking awesome if i do say so my self. They didnt screw up on the [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) movie like i thought they would so maybe they can do even better when they have venom along with them in a battle, specially one that wields so many weapons.…. rocket and him must get along well. We all love spider man and venom, why not have them both. One with the attributes of being a great superheroe that spider man has and the dark powerful side of venom. Ithink this would work smoothly with the delinquent team that the star lord has concocted.

I wont talk to much of any more stand alone movies but I will mention some.

Daredevil & Punisher

These two characters have had their movies in the past but they truly were crap, sorry its the truth. They need their proper reboot. The punisher is a total bad ass that can get into any facility undetected and can kill nay one and he does. Daredevil is a fucking awesome superhero with hightened senses and once cotrolled a guild of assasins. They both deserve to be rebooted correctly either that or put together in a movie. They both dont use their fists to take down criminals so they may be on the same level, thats if you take out the punishers weapons.

Wouldnt this be awesome. Look at that.

They can both be a part of the marvel universe as well as all other super heroes. they are worthy. punisher also plays a good role in the civil war series when he saves sppider mans sorry ass. All im sayingis that the studios should have a little more of an open mind.

THank you and comment your thoughts on any of the movies.


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