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Flávio mariscal

The bloody stabby wolverine we want probably won't come true but I can only hope. Wolverine is one of the greatest character from the x men that has one of the craziest and longest background. Logan is already in Japan so I feel like we should continue from that point in the story. They never showed the women in Japan he falls in love with and impregnates. He story I want for the next movie would introduce a very jaw dropping story line. People love wolverine so twice the claw wielding beast would be even better.

The story will start off with wolverine back in the states with minors flashbacks to Japan and his lover. Then enter wolverines son daken, yes his son! Daken is wolverines child who was presumed dead until he shows up all pissed off and stand, kinda like his pops. Since he has claws you can see the resemblance but he has a terrible temper that matches his fathers. This would be a great story for them to go off on since it leads them to many parts of the globe and also brings in many different characters. The studios have done whatever they want with the story lines but I think it's time they do something right. Wolverine is a great character and deserves his own movie the right way. Having his son by his side kicking ass and getting his ass kicked by his son a few times sounds like the greatest way to go.

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