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The Walking Dead has been a hot topic across the globe, as Season 5 is rapidly approaching - and I for one am super excited to see where the story leads. Here's my list of '10 Things You May Not Have Known About [The Walking Dead](series:201193)' - I hope you enjoy it!

1. Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey are both English actors. I've become so used Andrew's Southern twang that it sounds strange to hear him talk normally!

2. If a main character is killed off, the actor/actress will have a 'last supper' with the cast and crew on the day of filming their death scene.

3. Actors who played zombies in the show had to go to 'Zombie School,' where they were taught how to walk, act, and sound like zombies!

4. Robert Kirkman has said that Norman Reedus originally auditioned to play the role of Merle Dixon, but was rejected. The show-runners did like his performance however, so created the part of Merle's brother, Daryl, just for him.

5. The word 'Zombie' isn't used in a single episode, because according to Robert Kirkman, 'zombies' never existed in the pop culture of 'The Walking Dead universe.' They are instead referred to as 'walkers,' 'biters,' 'roamers,' etc.

6. During lunch breaks, the 'zombie' cast would eat together, whilst the human cast would eat together!

7. Out of all the characters at the camp, only 11 of them were in the original comic. (Rick, Lori, Carl, Shane, Carol, Sophia, Jim, Dale, Andrea, Amy, and Glenn)

8. The prison set took roughly 2 months to build.

9. The timeline of the second half of season 4 (eight episodes) takes place in exactly eight days.

10. The picture seen on Carl's t-shirt (pictured above) is actually the logo for another one of Robert Kirkman's creations, 'Science Dog!'


Did you already know some of these facts?


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