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If you cast your mind back to Season 4 of The Walking Dead and the episode titled "Inmates," there was a scene where Tara asked Glenn who Maggie was and why he was so desperate to find her. Glenn replied, “She’s my wife.”

This revelation came as a bit of surprise to me when I first heard it, because although I remember Glenn giving Maggie a ring, I really couldn't recall these two tying the knot in a ceremony.

Which is in stark contrast to the comic, where the loved-up couple had a wedding. And considering it took place in an abandoned prison during a zombie apocalypse, it was quite a lavish affair.


My first thought about Glenn and Maggie's marriage on the show is that it might have happened between seasons and we never got to see it. However, in a recent interview, Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, revealed it did take place on screen and it happened right under our noses:

I think the wedding was when I passed her the ring. And that's what was so simple about that moment in Season Three, was that it's not about doing this whole massive wedding or getting down on one knee or making something so overly romanticized. The world that they live in is so dark and bleak and they don't know if they're going to survive the next day and for them, that one moment was a mutual understanding and a mutual agreement to say, this ring represents something but even without this, we're together. And if that means we're married regardless of whether some ceremony exists or we're notarized by some public official [laughs], it's just that we're together.

So this was the magical moment of marital bliss that occurred at the end of Season 3:

Think about how much money this wedding saved them. There're no expenses for catering and booze, no need to get a photographer for an exorbitant fee, and the venue doesn't cost a dime. I guess the only downside is the possible honeymoon locations leave a lot to be desired. I'm pretty certain Terminus doesn't offer a newly-wed special Romance Retreat...


Did you realize Glenn and Maggie had gotten married?



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