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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Some places are so dark and haunted that no-one should travel there alone at night. Join me on a journey through some of the world's most haunted roads and pathways...

1. Dead Man’s Curve, Ohio

The Ghost of the Road: The Faceless Hitchhiker

The Story Goes: 1969, a group of teens were in a car crash, fatal for all but one. The survivor, Rick, has since seen a Faceless Hitchhiker by the side of the road five times. Perhaps his brush with death unlocked a new way of seeing... He was so curious about the man with no face he hired a psychic. When he took her to that part of the road, she said,

Someone very evil is there. He died suddenly and he is still there.


2. A229, Sussex, UK

The Ghost of the Road: The Woman in White

The Story Goes: Several motorists driving alone on dark nights have confirmed seeing a woman in white walking in front of their cars. Some stop, thinking they've hit the mysterious woman with 'beautiful eyes' - only to find no body...


3. Elm Village Road, UK

The Ghost of the Road: The Monk

The Story Goes: Ignatius, a monk who lived over 750 years ago, worked the bell that warned villagers if a flood was coming. One night, the monk fell asleep at his post, and many villagers drowned. Ignatius walks the area to this day, trying to atone for his mistake.


4. Clinton Rd, NJ

The Ghost of the Road: The Little Boy

The Story Goes: If you toss pennies from the bridge over the road, a dead little boy with throw them back to you... Locals have also reported sightings of a wolf with glowing red eyes in the area.


5. The Old Roman Road, York, England

The Ghost of the Road: Dead Roman Centurions

The Story Goes: 1953, a young plumber's apprentice is working along the Old Roman Road. He hears eerie music, that grows louder and louder, until it becomes a deafening horn blast. Then, the sound of hooves and footsteps, and ghostly figures dressed in full Roman army regalia emerge. They talk but he cannot understand their language...


Great, now I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight... Please share your creepy stories of haunted pathways below!


Are there any haunted roads near where you live?

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