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Hey guys, I just read some pretty cool ideas over at Vulture about American Horror Story having a connection between all four seasons. Naturally, I know our awesome Moviepilot AHS fans will have something to contribute!

Personally I think that if there's not a direct connection yet, there is at least a symmetry. We know there are, at the very least, some crossovers...

Pepper appears in both Asylum and Freak Show

Freak Show gives us a look at what Pepper was up to before she was committed to Briarcliff in Asylum. This also gives us the benefit (or spoiler) of knowing that Pepper is not gonna die in this season of American Horror Story!


Shared Settings

Shortly before Adam Levine's character is attacked by Bloody Face in Asylum, he mentions visiting notorious horror attractions: including the Murder House of season one.

Also, Freak Show is set in Jupiter, Florida - and Murder House's Vivien Harmon has relatives in Florida. Nothing firm there, but certainly a link that the AHS writers could exploit at any time.


The Montgomerys

Remember Charles and Nora Montgomery who kept their crazed, deformed offspring in the cellar? It can't be a coincidence that Murphy and Falchuk chose Montgomery as the same surname for Emma Roberts' sassy Madison Montgomery in Coven...

The name Goodman is also repeated: Harry Goodman is Constance's lawyer in Murder House, then Sam Goodman turns up to look into the shady Dr. Arden in Asylum.


Horror motifs are repeated between seasons

Skeletons gettin' jiggy are featured in S1, 'Halloween I,' and in the credits for Freak Show. This may not seem like a massive point, but the stylistic similarities all contribute to the feel of a whole, related universe, however loosely the disparate plotlines tie together.


Murphy had planned a MASSIVE crossover - then abandoned it

AHS creator Ryan Murphy shared one massive crazy idea: Ben Harmon was going to be the son of Bloody Face!

For a split second at the early part of Asylum, we were going to have Dylan win the showdown [with Sarah Paulson's Lana Winters], set it a couple of years earlier, and then change his name to Ben Harmon.

Hmmmmm...there's certainly potential in the idea of a crossover, but I'm not convinced yet. Maybe that's something the writers will build to in a later season. I guess they'll have fun teasing us until that point!

Have you guys spotted any 'connected universe' points in the different seasons of American Horror Story? Please share you ideas below!


American Horror Story: Connected Universe?

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