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Robert Pattinson's new girlfriend is a woman who really nails sex...

With her iconic styling - a mix of fishnet, torn swimsuit, and occult bling - alongside her racy songwriting, FKA Twigs really heats up the stage!

Personally, I find FKA Twigs beautiful anyway, and I love her music. But the girl just took things to a whole new level... We just got hold of these very sexy pics of the singer, who has been dating RPattz for a few moths now, at her latest gig in Hackney, London:

FKA Twigs looks unbelievably confident, despite the incessant racist fan tweets she is dealing with on a daily basis from Robsten's fans.

Her response to so much disgusting trash is the classiest thing I've seen for a long time - making herself super sexy and getting up there on stage without a care in the world... You go, FKA Twigs!


What do you think of Robert Pattinson's new girl?

(Source: Daily Mail)


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