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Oh KStew, KStew, KStew! I've always done my best to defend you against your cruel and vocal critics, but this time I just can't. I'm so sorry.

For some reason, Stewart decided that a Q&A for her new movie, [Camp X-Ray](movie:977712), was the perfect place to bust out some sort of misguided pleather lederhosen skort number.

From the look on her face, it seems like KStew finally realized the magnitude of her fashion faux pas midway through the session...

Wait...What am I wearing?!
Wait...What am I wearing?!

We've all been there, girl.

I have so many questions about this garment that I don't know where to start, so I think I will just leave it to my good friend Britney to explain.

Let's just all agree to put this one behind us and never think about it again, deal?

I'm not generally a cruel person so here's a bonus picture of Kristen looking gorgeous to soothe your aching retinas.

You're welcome!


Am I being too harsh on Kristen's outfit?

(Source: Dlisted)


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