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First things first, J.J. Abrams has been on a drive to stop all the leaks coming out of Star Wars Episode 7.

There was talk a few weeks ago that he had requested a "drone interceptor" (which sounds like something out of Star Wars) in order to combat the unmanned vehicles Paparazzi were using to get photos of his sets, and now we see this poster, meant for those on the set on Episode 7, which mimic British Wartime posters:

Loose Lips Bring Down Starships!
Loose Lips Bring Down Starships!

With that, this might be a good time to say that:

Star Wars Episode 7 Plot Spoilers Follow:

Much of the Star Wars Episode 7 news, understandably, focuses on Luke Skywalker. The powerful Jedi was last seen assembling his father's funeral pyre on the Forest moon of Endor in Return of the Jedi - but what has happened since is subject to much speculation!

Skellig & Luke Skywalker: Jedi Recluse

The first reports about Luke Skywalker's whereabouts in Star Wars Episode 7 took as their evidence the filming on the island of Skellig. This deserted island, which was home to a monastery in real life, was apparently where Luke Skywalker had retreated, to live the life of a Jedi hermit like Obi Wan and Yoda before him.

Luke's refuge in Star Wars Episode 7?
Luke's refuge in Star Wars Episode 7?

The reasons for his withdrawal from the world, however, have been much debated. Was he escaping the Sith Inquisitor? Did he fear his Jedi power was too strong, and so went into hiding? There are just a few of the theories that have been floated in recent weeks.

But now, there is another:

Luke Skywalker IS the Sith Inquisitor

If true, this would be the biggest [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) leak possible. It has been described as the movie's "I am your father" moment. The picture we saw of the Sith Inquisitor saw him holding Darth Vader's helmet, with a sort of reverence or love. Some had linked that to the reported battle in a heavily forested location that was recently filmed, wondering whether the Sith Inquisitor might have tried to recover Darth Vader's armor from where Luke burned it.

Now however, that stare could have a whole other connotation.

Could this be LUKE?
Could this be LUKE?

Daisy Ridley's character is reportedly living on a sandy planet, salvaging things for scrap in a spaceship disguised as a fallen AT-AT. She discovers something that scares her, making her believe there is a new with threat in the universe, and goes to the one man she believes has the power to combat it - Luke Skywalker.

When she finds him, however, she discovers that Luke *is* that very threat. Overwhelmed, she gives in, and join him on the dark side.

But could this really be the story of Star Wars Episode 7? Would Luke really have become an evil sith cyborg? What do you think?

Write in with you own Star Wars 7 plot thoughts and speculations below the line!


Luke Skywalker: Jedi, or Sith?


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