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Football Manager 2015 gets its release date!

The world's favorite football manager simulator is back and it looks great! Football Manager 15 arrives on the 7th of November, 2014 with an updated user interface making menus far more accessible and the inclusion of updated more realistic graphics is set to make this game a good one!

The PC and Mac exclusive game will have an enormous following as players prepare themselves for their cup finals. Following the 'An Alternate Reality' documentary (the film based around the success of Football Manager) that was screened yesterday, thousands of fans were treated to news about the upcoming game by Miles Jacobson as he responded to Twitter questions onscreen. Here are some of the things we learned!

New features in FM 2015!

The game is getting a 3D animation upgrade! This will be the greatest difference that players will notice about the 2015 game, with a new-look match-day engine, with increased emphasis on realism.

Art motion sensors have completely replaced hand-crafted animations. They were recorded by AFC Wimbledon at top sensor locations in the world!

Also, the game is notorious for having such a difficult interface that many players were complaining about missing features that they actually had, they just couldn't find them. Thus a huge development was carried out in terms of drop-down menus, which will be reduced in size, and there will be a sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen that will enable quick access to features during gameplay.

You can also set the kind of manager you want to be in Football Manager 2015! Whether you'll be a more hands on 'tracksuit manager' or a tactical 'suit manager' is totally up to you. You can select your own attributes and coaching badges.

Promises you've made your team now have their own page. We won't be backing out of earlier decisions as easily this time round! Also the press have had major changes to how they work with an increased intelligence system offering complicated tactical questions along with conferences having a wider range of questions also.

But now that we've looked at these features, let's take a look at some of the wonderkids you should be lining up for Football Manager 2015!

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Wonderkids you need for your team in Football Manager 2015!

Gedion Zelalam - Arsenal - 17 - Midfielder

Check out this ridiculous video of him here!

Simone Scuffet - Udinese Italian Serie A - 18 - Goalkeeper

What is with these videos and ridiculous music with them? Check him out anyway!

Saidy Janko - Manchester United - 18 - Defender

Yep, you guessed it! More ridiculous music...

Maxi Rolon - Barcelona - 19 - Striker

Short and sweet!

Well there's a look at a few players in each position. Let me know in the comments who you'll have lined up for your team!


Are you happy with the changes to Football Manager 15?


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