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I am an absolute comic geek. Spider-Man, Green Arrow, Iron Man.
Jared Owens

Some of you have been curious about the film that i was talking about in my last post so i am here to share a little bit more about it.

In the beginning God created both man and beast but he also he created something in between both, a friend to man but as both saw differences in each other they went there separate ways and one becoming myth. Now in the 21st century a orphan named Champ is visited by four creatures; Ramsey (Bigfoot), JD (Jersey Devil), Nessa (Loch Ness Monster), and Peck (Thunderbird). They explain to Champ that they need his help that he is the one who can stop this war, Champ who is very freaked out asks why Ramsey explains because his parents said that you could save us all. Now that Champ can trust them he is curious why they need his help, JD goes to explain (with his northern accent) that a once great cryptid has betrayed our kind and has forced the rest of us to join him and that they are the only resistance. Now Champ understands that he has a big responsibility and that he must save us all.

I will be posting test footage soon.


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