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Haters of any spoilers (even though this is really just a man in a suit and we don't know, when, how, who, or what will happen with him)...avert your eyes.

So, that article I posted a day or so ago with some hints at Professor Zoom making it to the Flash? Yeah, well, it's kind of redundant. We now have images of Professor Zoom fighting The Flash on set, or at least someone who looks like him.

My guess is that this is filming for the mid season finale, and Flash looks to be receiving a proper beating. It's fairly reminiscent of Arrow, Season one, when we first met The Dark Archer and he essentially stomped all over Oliver in quite a shocking defeat before the end of the season. Have a look below. Who is it? We can't tell. Perhaps we won't find out for a fair while, which wouldn't surprise me. But whoever he is, it looks bad for Barry.

Pretty cool? I think so. It seems we'll be leading up to something like this in this season...which --after the stunts and effects in the two premieres-- seems entirely possible will be just as cool!

So, what do you think? Like his costume? You can see a few more photos online, I've just selected some of the best.


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