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Marrying someone you love is all it really takes to make your wedding a fairytale dream. Everyone wants to look like a princess on their special day. Some of us want to look like Princess Leia, but if you want to add a touch more magic and ease up on the Force, Disney is here to help (although technically Leia is now a Disney princess, I guess)! Thanks to Disney's brilliant business and merchandising sense and bridal designer Alfred Angelo, you can buy a Disney-approved princess wedding dress.

Check out the segment on Good Morning America to see some of these amazing dresses in action.

According to Variety, the collection will include dresses based off of the likes of Snow White, Jasmine (Aladdin), Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), and Elsa (Frozen). While the dresses will all be available in the classic whites and ivories, they will also be offering the gowns which follow the recent trend of using color to show off each Disney heroine's specific color palette.

Alfred Angelo Bridal
Alfred Angelo Bridal

Michele Piccione, the chief creative officer at Alfred Angelo, made a statement saying:

Along with the silhouettes and embellishments of each gown, color gives us another way to bring the magic of Disney’s imagined storytelling to life and allow brides to express their individuality on their special day.

I can see the inspiration behind Elsa's dress, and even Jasmine and Tiana's. But can someone please explain to me why Snow's dress is totally red and doesn't even have cap sleeves?

These dresses will be available starting January 2015 for any Disney fanatic. And if you're wondering if it's crazy to plan an entire wedding around a Disney inspired dress, it's not. It's a great idea. Please invite me?


Would you wear any of these Disney inspired gowns on your special day?


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