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Ghostbusters 3 is happening and it's going to star an all female ensemble. Happy or not this is a great opportunity to utilize all of the worlds greatest female actresses for one major flick. It would break records on money-making from all sorts of fans and with the writer of Parks & Rec already on board it sounds good. Here's my list of actresses that I think would be great!

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wigg makes it first on this list because when I thought of a female-led cast for this movie, she's the first person I thought of. She's great at leading a stellar cast (Bridesmaids) and she is one of the funniest female actresses out there at the moment. I think she would fit the film so well and I'll be shocked if she isn't cast as Paul Feig, who is directing, worked with Wigg before on Bridesmaids.

Amy Poehler

The Parks and Rec comedy genius that is Amy Poehler is next on the list and why not? She's absolutely hilarious and has perfected the dim character in Parks & Rec. She's also instantly lovable which is always a good thing... This is one star I demand to have in the movie!

Emma Stone

Widely regarded as one of the best actresses around at the moment. With already, career defining movies to her name, Emma Stone is a roundhouse actress. She can do just about anything, but comedy is a strong suit on her behalf. She could play the smart one of the group whilst having the charm to be a very likable comedy.

Tina Fey

You can't have Amy Poehler without Tina Fey. The duo together would be fantastic if the script is done right and I'm sure they would both be down for it? A great actress who has yet to have a career defining comedy movie to her name.. This could be it!

Melissa McCarthy

Another actress to have worked with the director, on both The Heat and Bridesmaids. There will be no need for auditions for the actress and she is a very likely option for the production team to cast. It seems to me as a bit of a no-brainer. I'm sure I speak on comedic fans' behalf, that I'd love to see her in it!

Emily Blunt

An actress who has gotten a lot of hype around her the last couple of years with some great performances, especially in Edge of Tomorrow that was out this summer. I love her as an actress and I could picture her in with this movie.

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