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The Flash in a Flash!
By: Batman

The Flash in a Flash is a quick review in 6 lines or less of the last episode of the CW show The Flash! * Spoiler alert * enjoy

1) Flashback (get it), mothers killed by mystery Zoom, frames father, gets adopted by Detective West, father of Iris West. 2) Present day, partial accelerator experiment goes wrong, weather issues (in middle of city? Fail), Detective West’s partner killed by bank robbers, escapes in plane, crashes, lightning strikes Barry.3) 9 month coma, sexy abs, runs fast, can’t stop.4) Discover failed experiment also created Weather Wizard who thinks he’s God and still robs banks, Grodd, Zoom maybe and other possible MetaHumans.5) Begins to feel rejected by everyone around him, goes to Green Arrow, and gets advice and a name.6) Gets sweet suit, gets sweet team, fights a tornado, Weather Wizard gets shot by Detective West.

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The Flash in a FLASH!


Who do you think Zoom (Reverse Flash) is?

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