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Spoilers for The Flash pilot ahead.

The CW's DC Comics Universe may expand to a third television series! In an interview with "BuzzFeed," CW president Mark Pedowitz teased that the studio is looking at possible DC characters to star in their own self titled TV show. "There are discussions going on," Pedowitz told BuzzFeed, "but I can't tell you what they are." So. What superheroes could we possibly be looking at? Well, my safe bet is on...


The Flash
The Flash

Set to star in season one of [The Flash](movie:15273), Robbie Amell has confirmed that he will star as both Ronnie Raymond and his alter ego, Firestorm. Having a bankable actor such as Amell play such a character, and having him as a recurring star, could only mean that Firestorms role will be pretty huge in the upcoming season.

Another suggestion could be

Nightwing/Batgirl/Red Hood/Robin or even Batman!

Let's go serve some Justice!
Let's go serve some Justice!

Now, if you have watched The Flash pilot, then you have probably seen this.

The Flash
The Flash

Yeah, that easter egg. If you don't fully understand it then read my article here.

So yeah, this all but confirms Batman's existence in the "Arrow-verse" So we know that CW have control of Batman when it comes to TV. So if CW are considering to make another Superhero show, who better to get their own show than the most Bankable superhero out, The Batman. The show doesn't even have to be about Batman, it could revolve around his prodigy's, and just have Batman come in every now and again. It would also support the claims that a TV version of the Justice League is on it's way. Also, with Titans confirmed to be in development, and with Nightwing as the main character, it could be true that it is also part of the "Arrow-verse"

DC Characters
DC Characters

Other potential spin-offs include The Suicide Squad, Arsenal and [Aquaman](movie:264237)/Lad.

If The Flash's record-setting series premier ratings are any indication, The CW must feel rather tempted to produce another high-quality superhero show.


What superhero would you like to see star in their own TV show?

You can catch The Flash and Arrow every Tuesday and Wednesday on The CW!


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