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This and last week has been an interesting one. From RDJ saying Iron Man 4 is a go and then saying it isn't. He's also brought up two directors of his choice to take on the movie. The Flash and Arrow seasons began this week, and with all that and more going on there's been a lot of news involving your good old friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. So where do we begin.

The news I've been seeing started with Sony possibly allowing Disney to have Spider-Man crossover with the Avengers. Then its being said Spiderman could be rebooted again, and now I don't even think Sony knows what there doing. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a big success like every other Spider-Man movie however, Sony thought it was a good idea to give the movie a massive marketing budget along with its overblown production budget. Now TASM2 may have been the lowest grossing Spider-Man movie but it still scored over $700 million worldwide at the box office. So realistically it should of been a success. Sony should never of marketed the movie the amount they did, Spider-Man is a popular character and would of probably brought in the same money if they spent have as much on marketing. What they need to realise is that Spider-Man is not gonna make a billion dollars, not now after five movies in twelve years. Especially with all these other superhero movies coming out every year. Something I don't understand though is why do Sony give the Spider-Man movies such big production budgets. The Transformer movies have more action and CGI yet they survive on budgets that can be over $50 million less than the Spider-Man movies.

With this money issue Sony have obviously really fallen back on Spider-Man. I think it was mention that if Sinister Six flops then Sony may sell Spider-Man back to Marvel Studios. Even if Marvel Studios did get Spider-Man back, they already have plans for their movies so don't expect to see Spider-Man just turn up in Avengers 3 or get a new standalone movie. Saying that you never know, Marvel Studios may already have a plan of incorporating Spider-Man into their cinematic universe if they were to get the rights back. I can't really see how the already established Spider-Man would work in the MCU as there already in separate worlds. None of the events in the Spider-Man movies have shown up in the MCU and same goes for the MCU events in Spider-Man's world. Like New York getting destroyed in The Avengers. So if somehow Spider-Man does end up in the MCU it would really need to be a reboot.

But saying all that it seems even Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man maybe getting rebooted. Rumours are the Sinister Six movie could introduce a new cast which I honestly think is pointless. Sony needs to get over the fact TASM franchise has not turned out to be the success they wanted. They should be grateful Spider-Man still is making over $700 million at the box office. Something Fox's X-Men movies have only just accomplished. Usually when all these rumours come out at once I tend to just wait until stuff has official confirmations but I have to get this out of my head.

I actually like the direction the Amazing Spider-Man movies are taking. I myself really enjoyed TASM 2. Sure it had its flaws but for me I enjoyed it, thought it was much better than Spider-Man 3 and even the first Amazing Spider-Man movie. But I just don't think Sony know what they doing when it comes to creating a cinematic universe. I sometimes wonder what things would be like if the producers just let Sam Raimi continue his Spider-Man franchise the way he wanted to do it.

So a lot of this is still considered rumours but its obvious TASM 2 results have affected the future of the franchise. Will Spider-Man get rebooted again, will he join the MCU or will Sony continue as originally planned. To be honest I'd rather have ASM 3 with or without the Sinister Six movie happening before. Then in TASM 3 have Spidey go head to head with the team. After that bring in the Venom movie which could introduce Carnage and then Spider-Man could team up with Venom to defeat Carnage. Originally TASM franchise was suppose to be a quadrilogy but now with the MCU's success, Sony want a cinematic universe. Which just doesn't work as when you only have the rights to Spider-Man.

Please leave your comments below on what you believe should happen or what you think of the situation. Because for me its just all exploding in my head and its annoying me because I like TASM movies. Spider-Man also is my favourite Marvel Comic book character so it kills to see the mess Sony are getting into with the character. I just wish the producers at Sony would let Mark Webb tell the story the way he wants too, and it would of been great if they did this with Sam Raimi too. All they seem to want to do is bring in as much cash as the MCU and ram as much as they can into one movie.


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