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Someone in Marsden, England has a death wish.

According to the internet (or to be more precise: some dude on Facebook), an unknown person was foolish enough to steal Liam "I Will Find You and I Will Kill You" Neeson's traffic cones.

What foolishness is this, you may ask?

Let me shed some light on what drove some idle prankster to mess with a former C.I.A Jedi master:

Apparently the Marsden citizenry is outraged by the fact that the shooting of A Monster Calls has caused all sort of problems for them. Said movie, you guessed it, stars Liam Neeson!

Here's The Huddersfield Daily Examiner with the shocking facts:

It was not lights, camera, action for owners of Radish grocers or A Month of Sundaes, who say they have lost substantial earnings after Peel Street was closed off yesterday and were dismayed with the company crew behind the film, who they maintain never informed them of the plans.

Was some earnest grocer, feeling robbed of the day's revenues, driven to a desperate act of sabotage? Did a bucolic butcher exact revenge for the community, before returning to his establishment to prepare some of Yorkshire's finest pork pies? Was it simply a scallywag emerging kaylied and vengeful from the Riverhead?

Hopefully we'll never know. Hopefully whoever messed with Neeson and his crew turns over a new leaf and returns what's not his. Hopefully a friend of his/hers tells him: GIVE NEESON BACK HIS TRAFFIC CONES! Or run for your life.

Because he will find you...

Those cones were mine!
Those cones were mine!

[Source: The Huddersfield Daily Examiner]


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