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We are barely in the second crappy instalment of [The Amazing Spider-Man](movie:45497) and it seems like theyve ran out of ideas. No more creative juices are flowing. Spider man is one of the most beloved characters in the marvel universe so why not have books filled of movie ideas for him. He is one of the most ever changing characters as he takes part in many events in the MU and has many amazing problems himself (see what I did there).

For the next movies i believe we should see the introduction of mary jane watson, peters main love. We've had enough of gwen stacy…..hell we've had enough of emma stone so why not introduce a new familiar face. She is one of spider mans and peter parkers greatest inspiration to protect the ones he cares about. With great power great responsibility. Spider man has many different adversaries that if were put on the big screen with him would make for a great movie. I just dont want any of the rhyno being a robot bullshit, please dont do that ever again. Dont even get me on the silver samurai that wolverine fought grrrr. Continuing on the issue at hand i would just like to state a few different things or characters they could put in the next spider man film.

Wilsom Fisk a.k.a The King Pin

The king pin is a great master mind that is behind ploys such as the insidious six. Yes I know he was introduce in the daredevil film where ben played the blind asskicking lawyer, but in respect to the great actor who played king pin i feel like they could of done a way better job. King pin, refering back to the tv series from the 90s, he took place in alot of both peter parkers and spider mans life.

The Chameleon

The chameleon was a reoccurring villain in spider mans wolrd. He had the power to change his appearance with his little bealt thingy and at one point nick fury had a cameo in one of their incounters. He is a very tricky villain who would be good for a movie maybe with an evil teamate such as mysterion.

Morbius the living vampire

He is a great character, so awesome that blade comes in to help spider man at one point. He is a man turned into a vampire. Despite being spider mans enemy he wants to help morbius with his genetic problem since he has dealt with his own problem maybe not the same but just as bizzar.

Pretty scary right? well i hope you liked what i said. this is just things i come up with and hope could be made but then again the studios have other plans. Leave a comment below


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